Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Afraid Of My Own Shadow

Well this brand new kick ass computer I got about 2 weeks ago has had some serious issues of auto shutting down and restarting and upon returning it to the store twice they finally replaced the two sticks of ram which seems to have fixed the problem.

Aside from that, I'm am just thrilled with the speed and the graphics. Warcraft has never been so crisp and lag free. Immediate arrivals when hearthing or going through portals to major cities. Traveling around Dalaran and doing so freely without stumbling over my own feet. It has been absolutely wonderful.

I want to enjoy the full graphic experience of WoW and therefore have all my settings turned up. The landscapes, the crisp colors all are just so vivid. However, every time I farm and go to land I see a vision of someone flying nearby and gasp for an instance ready to defend myself. Only then do I realize its MY shadow on the ground. Today I picked about 150 herbs and probably 50 of those times I forgot it was my shadow and had that instant feeling "someone is following me". NO I won't turn off the shadowing ability as when I'm not surprised by myself, I quite enjoy seeing my shadow as I could never use that aspect well on my old system.. It's like a really bad blonde moment I have 50 times a day. Perhaps I need a hair color change.

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