Friday, May 14, 2010

Trivia For the WoW Geeks

Firstly, make sure the office door is closed or your screen is turned off. Don't want the boss to catch you doing trivia at work. I take full responsibility if you get caught but no you can't come live with me if you lose your job. Well, maybe if you bring chocolate. are a few WOW related trivia questions to sharpen your mind or fill it with more useless information:) Fill in the blank

1. Prince Arthas _________

2. _____________ __________ was once a glorious temple dedicated to the night elves' moon-goddess, Eluna. However, the great Sundering shattered the temple - sinking it beneath the waves of the Veiled Sea.

3. _________ & ___________ host the popular Warcraft podcast Twisted Nether.

4. To obtain the Tabard of Brute Force you must win ____ (number) rated arena matches at level 80.

5. In general, _______ are scaled humanoids with the lower bodies of large serpents.

6. A rare mount drops in Kara from _________?

7. _______________ & ________________ are the two flight paths in Grizzly Hills for horde?

8. ______________, the questgiver, is found patrolling the southeastern part of the fringe of the Bone Wastes. This questgiver provides a quest with the miniwing pet reward.

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  1. 1. ... is fat.

    Oh wait...not that kind of trivia... ;)