Monday, May 3, 2010

The Mentally Challenged Raider

Perhaps its my age, perhaps its my nature but raiding more than 3 hours puts me in a state of sleepiness, boredom and agitation.

I like to raid but after about 3 hours, especially with many wipes on one boss, my mind begins to wonder and I often ponder "why did I come to this raid". I absolutely enjoy my time with friends Millie and Rorik who make it much more bearable as we PM back and forth, laughing about unrelated tidbits of nothingness. Rorik and my husband have a very similar sense of humor, which does scare me a little.

Upon the third hour it is as though something in my brain begins to shut down. My bed begins to call out to me. Between wipes I find myself laying my head on my desk and closing my eyes for just a few minutes. I begin to fidget in my seat and I'm sure my prominent sighs can be heard by the neighbors. I know there are raiders doing this 5 or 6 hours a night, 3 or 4 nights per week which would make me mental but I admire their determination. Perhaps now that my PVP side has again awakened and it is an instant gratification or kick in the pants, this short term game feels better for my brain.

After tonight I'm going to take a little raiding break. The folks I raid with are great. I know I know, you all will never invite me to a raid again, but know I'm there with you in I don't even wanna be there in spirit, the thought gives me heartburn :)

I shall die in PVP with honor and broken branches but never feeling the agitation I've been experiencing lately with raiding.


  1. Amen! Raiding has become a major thorn in my ass lately. Is it really worth the time and heartburn? Every time I raid my answer to that question gets closer to "no".

  2. I think for you and I Rorik its just because the raids have increased their time. First 2 hours now usually 3 or so and sometimes more than 2 nights per week. Not initially what I planned to sign up for. I've had some great experiences in raiding and appreciate the gear but I definitely want a break.

  3. I stopped raiding a while ago. I simply don't like it, and yes it takes too long. :)
    However, PvP has always kept my attention.

  4. You see, you need to PuG raids! It adds a new depth of "Can people really be this stupid?" to WoW PuGing. I know I've seen people do things that I never thought anyone would consider while in a PuG raid. Although, now I think about it, I usually find myself at the same "Please God, get me out of here" state after the three hour mark, so scratch that suggestion...

  5. Pug raids are definitely the longest to put together. They may start invites at 7pm but probably won't start raiding till after 8pm. Ninja looting raid leaders is another issue. I prefer to raid with folks I know and trust.