Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strats for Strand

Upon visiting Cynwise's Battlefield Manual, I thought I would throw my thoughts in on BGs from time to time since I've been doing quite a few of them of late.

It took me a while to get my bearings in Strand when it first came out. As a woman with no sense of direction I found it strange to travel uphill towards yellow and not feel I was traveling North. Now I have my bearings hehe.

Here are a few tips I have learned from our BG leader in premades that will definitely help you. Hopefully I haven't missed too many:)


1. Decide on a door to attack

2. Melee drivers
Put your melee as drivers and any CC classes and healers as passengers. Those CCs will let the enemy fall behind the tank and take less hits and heals will help those players on the ground. As a druid I love to ride shotgun, healing, cyloning, rooting...its great

3. Capture the opposite graveyard
This was an unusual move in my opinion but seemed to work. Have a member capture the opposite GY of the door you take down as soon as possible. You take the east door, have someone grab the west GY. This way when you die you rez on the other side where the fresh tanks are and they are totally unexpecting it and you have little or no opposition. Later you can then capture the other.

4. Bombs, Bombs, Bombs
Too many folks don't put emphasis on the bombs but they can truly change the game. Everyone should have a bomb, no excuse...tank dies, get to a door and place it.

5. Keep going back for tanks
Many players get caught up in the fights and leave tanks just sitting there. Keep going back and try to have multiple tanks going at once. Again CC is so important here. Have a partner in your tank to do some CC or heals of the ground players.


1. Split your group with healers and dps for each dock

2. Put NO players on the guns.
All players should be on the beach at the designated dock

3. Focus only on the tanks
This is a huge mistake most people make in focusing on killing players. Tanks are the full focus of Strand. Its unlikely they will take the initial door down with bombs as most folks don't think of it and they are generally too busy in combat with all our team on the beach. Begin killing the tanks but if no one gets on them, leave them at about 10% to avoid re-spawns. If the enemy does get them moving, take them down fast and as fresh tanks appear get them to the 10% mark for an easy take down if they begin moving to the gate.

3. If they do get through keep them off the GY flags
By letting them cap the flag you are getting them closer to the end goal. Again you will be watching the beach to quickly destroy any tanks that come up. We generally have not had the enemy get through the first door and if so they are usually kept stagnant at that point.

4. Communication, communication, communication
Follow your raid leader's direction and communicate where you may see a breakthrough or bombers

Last week we had some great Strand BGs. Generally I hate doing Strand but with a premade it's a lot of fun and feels easy.

Hope these little tidbits I've learned help you.

Many thanks to TheChosen on Bleeding Hollow for his great leadership.


  1. OMG... such simple rules to follow and they almost always result in an easy win. I really should put all this info into a macro that I can spam at the beginning of a pug BG. Nice work, Sweetness ;)

  2. Well my darling if I wasn't so busy keeping your hunter ass healed perhaps I would also have time to type it out:P