Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I believe I suffer from a specific form of ornithophobia, which is the fear of birds, specifically boomkins. Although I love druids, sweet mother of god the boomkin form is ugly. Seriously what is it with this druid form. Boomkins should be peaceful approachable creatures that put a smile on your face. Not this bird that nightmares are created from. As you can tell from the picture above, boomkins are not in denial about it, they know just how creepy they look.

I did try the boomkin form for a brief period of time only to be traumatized every time I logged in. In arena I like my partner to kill them first, make it bloody and painful. These creatures have no place in warcraft. Spay or neuter your boomkin today...help control the ugliness population in warcraft.

I know I know..you folks are probably gonna tear me apart...BRING IT!!


  1. I admit they do look funny. The noise they make when they are hit, makes me chuckle. I played Boom Boom from 40 - 70, then swapped back to Feral as my other spec sometime in the 70's. I love seeing them on my side in BG's, and love their dance too, but I'm not too fond of how they look. ;)

    Now the tree; on the other hand, I love the tree. Always makes me think of the Ents from Lord of the rings. I also adore trees in real life so I knew I had to be a tree in-game, lol. Bonus points, since I like healing too.

  2. Like you, I love my tree. Its a sweet adorable model and my favorite form by far.

  3. I agree that boomkin form is awful. The dance was enough to amuse me for about 30 seconds, but now I find it has no redeeming qualities. I also find birds a little frightening. It's those sharp little beaks.

    However, since I'm resto, I don't have to look at boomkin form too often. Instead I have to look at the awful tree form, which I think is even worse.

  4. *GASP* I love the tree form. I hate that it seems it will be changing for the next expansion. Very sad. /slap Jasyla :)