Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't Be That Guy

There is always someone who brings pain to raids, guilds, economy and other aspects of the game. Just so we are clear, I did a list of those guys that make most many of us crazy. Feel free steal my post for your blog and add to it. Actually, I challenge you to add to it hehe. I'm certain there are many guys I've missed:)

1. Don't be that guy who levels a toon with the help of a guild and then /gquits

2. Don't be that guy who comes to raids without any pots, flasks or food

3. Don't be that guy who goes into random heroics under geared and wants to be carried though

4. Don't be that guy that complaints about his guilds lack of raiding without ever trying to organize one

5. Don't be that guy who is constantly asking guildies for gold

6. Don't be that guy who wants to high end raid but doesn't want to learn his class well

7. Don't be that guy who leads a raid and ninjas the loot for himself or his friends

8. Don't be that guy who spams the meter to show his own ego (most folks have their own meter)

9. Don't be that guy who is always criticizing others about their gear or skills

10. Don't be that guy or leaves a group or raid when they get their cheeve done

11. Don't be that guy who buys gold online (since they probably hacked it from my husband's account)


12. Don't be that guy whose a tool and brings drama and unpleasant to the game. Be courteous, play smart, play fair and enjoy.

What guys have I missed?


  1. Don't be that guy that expects guilds to work perfectly without respect for the work that your GM/Officers do.

  2. Orthien I totally agree. People often complain complain complain instead of working with their officers or GM's for positive changes.

    Leading a guild and keeping everyone content is a difficult job.