Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hellfire - Bringin' Home the Bacon

This week I had noticed that fel iron ore was at a pretty good price of 32g per stack which is much more than saronite. I emptied my 71 warrior bags and took a flight to Hellfire. Thankfully my warrior is a gatherer with herblism and mining.

Because Hellfire was an initial new zone of Burning Crusade it still held some of the old world herbs like dreamfoil and golden sansam and the newer ones of Burning Crusade with Felweed, dreaming glory and some fel lotus to boot. Last night I sold two stacks of dreamfoil for 50g per stack and 40g for a stack of golden sansam. Felweed a moderate 20g per stack and my fel iron ores at about 26-30g per stack. I even prospected a few of the ore on my mage to sell the smaller gems for quite a bit.

It was a very prosperious weekend for sure with an easy farm. I highly recommend this zone for mining or herbalism as all the mats here will get you a pretty good price on the AH. Get yourself ready for Cat:)

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