Thursday, June 10, 2010

Podcast - Drawing us Back

Podcasts are a great way to stay on top of what is going on or coming up in Warcraft. They bring us tons of information that can make our game much more enjoyable.

When it comes to Warcraft Podcasts there are certain things that keep me going back. For me, a podcast has to be entertaining, informative and light. I don't like a podcast that has a lot of dead air or feels very forced and formal. Listening to others discuss topics among themselves about the game and giving highlights is what I enjoy. Personal Warcraft stories within the game are another great touch that will often make me giggle (I like to giggle). Podcasts that let their listeners get involved with emails, calls etc makes the podcast seem much larger and provides a greater educational element without getting too involved.

Podcasts that are heavy with class mechanics or discussing one small topic for an extended period, loses my interest. This is just personal preference. I know some of you are very much into podcasts heavy with details of your classes and skills etc. It's just not something that floats my boat. A show that runs no more than 1 - 1 1/2 hours is ideal. A long podcast can often be just a lack of editing and will tend to have periods of rambling.

Presently, my favorite podcasts are:

The Instance: Funny and informative, this podcast provides great updates within the game and you know they have done their research. No long dead spaces here and the communication between the cast members runs very smoothly and has a great welcoming atmosphere.

Wow Insider: An oldie but a goodie, this podcast is the ultimate for Warcraft news. A funny cast that has made my farming days much brighter:)

Warcast Podcast: Another easy listening podcast that isn't too long winded but gives great insight into the game.

Still LOL at the picture of the boys from "The Instance"

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