Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gold DKP Sytem - A Whole New World

Just attended my first Gold DKP ICC run yesterday on my resto druid. What can I say? I LOVED IT!! I was kinda tired of raiding and then hubby had gone on one of these GDKP system runs and got a couple of awesome pieces so I thought I would check it out.

Our raid leader was very clear about the rules of minimum dps requirements, that all loot is auctioned off and the balance of the gold obtained upon slaying of the last boss is split among the players. If the raid leader is not clear about the rules of loot, afking, dps requirements etc, don't go.

This gives an opportunity for various types of players; those players who perhaps are in need of a couple of gear pieces and those that are well geared and just come for their split of the gold at the end but bring their super dps/heals to the raid.

The system is run by an addon from the Raid Leader or Lootmaster. When an item is being auctioned off, you simply type in your bid ie. 1000 and hit enter in raid chat (must be in raid chat). Your bid shows and any further bids will display. There is a count down of about 5 seconds if no further bids are made. The winner then exchanges their gold with the loot master and he passes them their item.

Of course my biggest concern was trusting this person who held our gold so I do suggest you get a group that others have recommended or that do run with this system regularly. You will have to commit the time required to get your gold in the end so know you will be available for however many hours they wish to run.

I bid on 3 items. My first one was a 264 neckpiece Bone Sentinal's Amulet which I outbid myself on hehehe. In all the excitement and fast pace I went from 2400g to 2800g ...beating myself (watch for that hehe) I didn't care, I was thrilled to win it. The next was one of the tokens to get a tier 10 piece. I found it hard to place a value on it and went to 4k but didn't win it. My other win was a 264 head piece Helm of the Elder Moon which I amazingly got for only 500g. I was shocked:) There were a few druids there but perhaps more interested in any dps drops. So I spent 3300g to get 2 lvl 264 pieces. Then once the pot was split up at the end, I received just over 1,400g back. So my two pieces only cost me about 1900g. I'm still in shock and can't wait for next week:) We did pay 1000g for one guy to come who had the King Slayer title to open up a heroic mode for us with the Gun Ship fight. This fee was deducted from our pot, which was no biggie as seeing some 277lvl gear was a first for me.

I highly recommend you try this system out and please take a look at this detailed explanation of the GDKP system at Elitist Jerks with some great tips for when you do your GDKP run:)

My biggest tip again is ensuring the rules are very clear before you start and ask questions ahead of time so there are no misunderstandings or disappointments.

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  1. I never looked into any of these. Sounds interesting.