Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Loving Defense in AV

It was the bonus honor for Alterac Valley this past weekend and honor was pouring in at 5-6k. I am always on offense in AV and generally kill Galv then head right for the final base to help hold the GY and keep the badies out of Drek's room. On one AV run, I found myself in trouble as the horde had placed a ton of their people in with Galv and I died, returning me to our base. I decided for a change to go defense and found myself in Van's room with a DK and Priest.

OMG it was awesome!!! The DK was pullin' the horde in and Van with his associates was tearing them apart. The priest would be ready to fear as many as possible into the room as they peaked their heads around the corner. Dead horde everywhere....life was good.

I healed them up and popped into a corner when necessary to avoid damage and finally the scores popped up and we knew we were a big part of bringing the Alliance to victory.

This was definitely a new aspect of AV for me and I hope to do it more often.

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  1. I have considered going defense, but never inside the actual room... I am not much of a PvP force but did enjoy quite a bit of AV because of the "Calls to Arms" I think I got two levels just from this weekend on my upcoming bear.