Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big WoW Family

I just read a post at WoW dot com about a family playing wow. Husband, wife, mother, father, siblings and other relatives. They do their own 10mans and the dad does the gear check. It's insane and awesome.

Check them out and their favorite (and now mine) WoW family saying of "I can't heal stupid"
(scroll down a little on the the link page provided for the article)



  1. I can't heal stupid either, and while that's one of my favorite sayings, I only share it with our healers (privately). Because our (a) melee DPS and (b) mages quite often seem to expect us to. Heal stupid, that is. ;)

  2. Damn wild growth, can't help but heal stupid. Should be an option on that spell, heal everyone but stupid hehehe:)