Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gold From an Unlikely Profession

Leveling First Aid on my first couple of toons was priority to me but on the last toon, I never bothered. Perhaps because I'm a healer, because I'm lazy or perhaps it didn't seem important to me anymore. I wonder how many of you have or have not leveled your First Aid and how often do you use it?

Anyways...I'm not certain if the price of the old world clothes were always crazy but they seem to be at quite a high price since I've been looking the last couple of weeks. Mageweave cloth on my server is selling for 30-40g per stack and Runecloth at 50-60g per stack.

I know with the mention of a new bandage coming out with Cataclysm (Dense Embersilk Bandage that will heal 34,800 over 8 seconds) that perhaps this has put the push on folks to level their bandages (which I should do). Hence cloth has taken a good hike in price? Good for me, bad for the the First Aid levelers.

Perhaps my assumption about First Aid is a stretch and we simply have more people, tired of raiding, creating new toons with new professions to level like tailoring and this could be attributing to my price gouging on cloth. I'm not sure of the answer but I do know it is currently a money maker.

A good spot for farming Mageweave cloth is at Jintha Alor in the Hinterlands or a quick run through ZF in Tanaris will give you a few stacks.

Runecloth I've just start farming but Blackrock Depths has been noted as a good spot to farm Runecloth.

My gold quest of reaching 70k by the time Cataclysm comes has been shockingly almost reached with a current stash of 66,400g. So the goal has to change, pushing me to 100k by expansion time.

Now get out there and farm!


  1. Dire Maul is great for runecloth too! You can do this and possibly get Librams to sell to the Insane people and if you're working on Goblin rep or such you can do all this in North!

  2. Good to see you Dreagar:)

    Dire Maul huh...I can't recall ever going in there, although hubby says we have. I'll have to check it out on the weekend. Thanks for the tip:)

  3. WoW all of a sudden, overnight while the server was being worked on, the market dropped just like that. Although I was messing around on another server where the prices are comparable. I'll wait a be patient. Hopefully over the weekend, the gouging will continue:)

  4. Nice post and blog man, keep it up :)

  5. Hey =) Great blogg ^^ I have been thinking about the "older" items as well... in Silvermoon, the AH is SOOOO dear in everything!! almost not worth going to AH.
    Have a good day =)

  6. gnome power pew pew