Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sticking with the Plan

On June 8th I mentioned I wanted to get from just under 45k to 70k by the time Cataclysm comes. This past week I've been working hard to get a start on my goal. Presently, I'm at 51,81r7 so making just over 5,100g this past week. Probably not a lot of gold to those big AH players but it certainly was a lot to me.

Old world mats is what I focused on and with more and more people leveling alts while waiting for Cataclysm, these mats seem to be in demand for leveling professions. My main sellers were:

Adamantite ore: 55-58g per stack
Fel Iron ore: 24-30g per stack
Primal air: 30-33g per stack
Cut gems 80-130g each
Netherbloom: 30-33g per stack
Terocone: 30-35g per stack

Adamantite and gems have been my biggest items. Since I have nothing else to get with honor and I do premades quite often. I can get about 40k honor any night I do premades (couple of hours) which is 4 epic gems. Even if you aren't a farmer, if you enjoy pvp doing premades for gems is easy and fun work. As an alchemist I can make one epic gem per day.

So it's been a good first week, hopefully the market will continue to go my way:)

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