Friday, July 3, 2009

A Leveling Server...I Think It's Brilliant

A post from WoW Insider discussed the idea of a "leveling server". A server where folks would go to level their toon then upon hitting 80 would move to another server. I think it's an awesome idea for several reasons.

Firstly, many of us end up leveling alone, which can make leveling kinda lonely. It can also be difficult to get groups together for group quests. Often you'll end up calling upon an 80 from your guild to come kill a mob for you. What about all those great low level instances? You can never get a group for your level to do them. I think that they are an important part of the game to get to know your class and understand teamwork in the game. People level to 80 sometimes never seeing these great instances.

Unfortunately from the article "A leveling server, just for leveling" WoW insider is pretty certain that Blizzard wouldn't be interested in such an idea. On a social level alone I think it would be worth it.

Speed leveling is nice but there is something to be said about really seeing the game and all it has to offer.


  1. Hmm, I guess I don't see that taking off and you can get the runs in on the regular servers although but you might have to do more initially. I've toons on three servers; Full server, medium, small I've played as Heals, DPS, and tank and I have not had a problem getting groups. Sure on Auchindoun and Kael'thas I did have to do more regarding reaching out to those I didn't know but I still leveled DPS toons without problems and three of those were well after WOTLK was released.

    Initially it was harder but after a while I made friends from the many PUGs I ran. LFG and /who search was my friend. I was the main one that organized PUGs and I would start searching as soon as I wanted to run something.

    I don't like my characters to be boosted through instances although I don't mind doing it occasionally for friends so that is the main reason I PUG a lot. I like running things at level, by the time I reach end-game I usually know a lot about the class, and have learned a lot from the good PUGs (and yes even the bad ones too.) :)

    I'm now leveling a lowbie Protection warrior along with a blog buddy who's leveling an Elemental shaman. It will make the process even easier since we've got tank and heals covered. I'm definitely looking forward to the buddies I make with my Prot warrior. Deimonia, along with my other toons, have made a lot of buddies and ran many instances while leveling.

    That being said if you feel the urge to level your toon on Kael'thas. We should be nearing your level within a few weeks and you're more than happy to join us as we tear through old world instances. I've snagged a few who are up for it in-guild and met some from Pugging on my other toons that are up for some lowbie instance fun too. :) I promise I won't rush each pull and will make sure people aren't OOM. ;)

  2. I think if you are a social person its much easier to do the low level runs with friends and guildies. If not it would be nice out of necessity to get the job done with folks in a similar situation and really get to learn your class properly.