Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stacks for Snacks!

With a home daycare of 5 kids between the ages of 4-9 it is always tempting to use their computer skills for toon profit. No I wouldn't do it but the idea is kinda fun to think about. Hmmm I would set up 5 computers in the office and have 1 fishing, 1 mining, 1 getting herbs, 1 making pots/flasks and 1 workin' the AH. My own little gold farmers. Yes I would give them snacks (once they had 10 stacks of everything). *Stacks for Snacks* would be our motto.

Every so often I would hear their whining little cries "I don't wanna fish anymore" to which I would reply "this is how we build character sweetie...learning commitment and dedication to a task". Geez I'm almost convincing myself it would be a good idea hehehe.

Instead of giving these kids a valuable WoW education we are swimming, doing parks, going to movies, creating crafts and all that kinda stuff. My WoW daycare is just a dream.


  1. Go on.... I am sure it will teach them real world skills as well...

    Maybe you should set up a gold spamming business...

  2. Oh my god I love it! What are the child labor laws like in Canada anyway? Hehehehe:) I love the motto by the way. I'd farm for you if you sent me snacks. Maybe I should come to your daycare.

  3. Now the truth comes out...Where is there an investigative reporter when you need one.