Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So You Are Gonna Just Drop The Flag Huh?

With the druid 80 I've been practicing some healing in BGs. Not too bad until tonight. Two guys from Stormage server were purposely dropping the flag in WSG even with just one point to the horde. I was beyond frustrated. Trust me, I hate WSG because it can go on for a very long time but I cannot just pass over the game to the horde.

While I was healing him and he first dropped it, I grabbed it but then they both did it again. They were telling folks to let the horde have it and calling everyone noobs in letting it go on so long blah blah blah.
In AB I know there is a point of no return and the last few minutes can be honor kills but the tide can change in WSG and these two guys were decked out and could have won us the game if they played it. I've had some very good turn around matches in WSG that those are the best ones.

Laziness in BGs is so common place now. People just wanna give up the game and get the BG token. Sitting at the Graveyards, yelling out comments. I'm sure it improves their game:P Maybe I'm over-reacting? I love to win against the odds. Definately gotta do more guild PVP. At least I know we did our best and gave a good fight if we do lose.


  1. The problem is that there is a reward for losing a battleground. Maybe if they didn't reward a mark of honor for a loss then more people would try to win insead of losing their way to pvp gear. Maybe adding a huge bonus to the honor you get for capping the flag and killing flag carriers. At least next patch WSG will have a time limit.

  2. I despise WSG like nothing else... other than maybe Strand. Our battlegroup is terrible at Strand. However, I'm a total Arathi Basin/Eye of the Storm whore. I love those two BGs like chocolate, especially when they're the daily or it's that weekend. ^_^

  3. Rorik, myself and a few other guildies have had some great wins this week in EYE. Rorik keeps us moving where we need to be and usually within 7 or 8 minutes we have them at their starting point.

    Arathi is a little more difficult to control unless you have a full guild group. I absolutely love doing BGs with guildies, makes it much less painful.

    Strand I can get some good honor points with even if we lose but I don't enjoy it.