Monday, July 20, 2009

Wee Lost Girl

It was that time again. The summer has been quiet so hubby and I planned a couple of guild events. The first event was called Wee Lost Girl who was a level 2 female Gnome Warlock. We should first discuss getting this little level 2 to Shadowmoon Valley in her hiding spot. I ported her to Shattrath and thankfully I have the Travelers Tundra Mammoth which helped somewhat stay ahead of the mobs we aggroed but as you can tell from the image above it was an ugly journey. I would be riding along, hear nothing and then like a zipline she was pulled from the mammoth and dead on the road. I wouldn't even see it happen. Terrokar seemed more difficult than Shadowmoon maybe just because we had farther to travel through that zone.

The object of the game was to find this Wee Lost Girl but you must also bring her the items she has requested. In essence, it was a scavenger hunt for teams of 2 or 3 and the first team to find the Wee Lost Girl and open trade with her with the 6 required items, was the winner. We had given out 3 hints as to where the Wee Lost Girl was throughout the hunt and provided teams with the item list at the beginning of the game. The teams then went into different vent channels to discuss their plan. Our first place team with Rorik, his wife Millie & teammate hunter Deebo won 1000g and our second place team of Bre & her hubby Theo came in second with a 500g prize. It was a good time:)

My turn next with "LETS MAKE A DEAL". I had wrapped up 20 prizes with the in-game gift wrap. Any item that was stackable we wrapped an in-game mail note indicating what they had won ie. Abyss Crystal or Stack of Saronite. We rolled for a chance to the play the game and they selected a number between 1-20 as to which gift they wanted. I would pass it, they opened and then would get 2 opportunities to trade in their item. The third gift they took would be their final. Items ranged in price from 10g-800g including a Teldrassil Sproutling, Mechanical Yeti, Storm Jewel, stack of titanium, abyss crystal, cut gems and lots of smaller prizes. In the end everyone that attend the event got to play.

We had a great afternoon and it was a wonderful way to bring our guildies together.


  1. It's always nice to do things like that with your guildmates, in doing so a lot more people are able to participate since you might have guildies all over the leveling range. It's something I truly miss since activities such as that happened in my Horde guild located on Kael'thas, and in the Alliance guild on Auchindoun.

    A few of us guildies on Kael'thas have made an effort to do things that mainly focus on lowbies within the guild. Thus far, it's only been instance run, but a few of us are talking about getting some fun treasure hunts started too. It would be nice to see more of that done too.

  2. Yeah we need to do it more often as well. The games we picked where pretty much for any level since we picked some items for the scavenger hunt that came from the low level zones so we could pretty much include everyone:)