Monday, July 13, 2009


Hitting 80 last Friday on my druid was an amazing moment only because I wouldn't have to face another quest. 78-79 were the most frustrating...being so close yet so far from 80. During part of level 79 my quests were in Scholozar Basin which was a mistake on my part as it's like another STV. Dunno what it is about that zone but there is always a gankfest going on. So hubby came with me to K3 in Storm Peaks and I finished things up there.

The last couple of days I've tried to wrap my head around healbot. I think learning not to over heal and waste mana is my biggest challenge. Staying calm during alot of group damage is also something I need work on. Doing BGs is a good place to practice with the healbot as there no great pressure there. That is the plan for this week....get my heals under control and learn to use the right heals at the right time. Any tips are greatly appreciated:)

I cheated a little and bought two Ulduar pieces for a good increase in my spell power and had a couple of other epics and blues ready so almost immediately I had my spell power over 1800 which was nice. Here are the two big pieces I've bought.

My head is swimming with all the druid healing things to learn but I'm really enjoying it.


  1. GRATS on 80!! I started leveling a druid a while back, but haven't spent much time on her recently.

    I gave up on Healbot and actually just use Xperl for healing. Healing is definitely more stressful than dps'ing lol. I had no much idea how much a lag spike can cause a severe jump in my stress level lol.

    Anyways, grats again and good luck learning and working it out - I may be coming to you for tips after I get Little Eury up to 80 :)

  2. Grats... and one of your first purchases is a little piece of Blogging history...

  3. Congrats honey!!!! That is awesome!

  4. Grats again, and you're already doing a great job as a healer! And I can say this from 1st hand experince. :)

    (So what class areyou going to level up next?)