Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tips for the Scribe - Part 1

My poor druid has been on a long vacation from her inscription profession but now I've decided to work on it again and gotten some great advice from my hubby who is making his fortune from this profession. Here are a few tips I thought I would share that may help you save time and increase your profit.
Watch for part 2 later in the week.

1) Do not farm herbs
Unless you have a great amount of time in the game, don't bother farming the herbs for inscription. Buy ONLY northrend herbs for 20g per stack or less and buy a few stacks if you can initially afford it. Remember you can trade Ink of the Sea for any other inks you may need to Jessica Sellers in Dalaran. Once you mill your herbs the snowfall inks you obtain should cover the cost of the herbs you just purchased. Perhaps you can find a regular supplier of herbs that will give them at the 20g per stack price.

2) Bag Space
Have at least two Pack of Endless Pockets (scribe bags) which you can easily trade in with your bank bags when needed after you put up your glyphs in the AH.

3) Paper
Have a minimum of 2 stacks of Resilient Parchment and Heavy Parchment and probably a stack of each of the others.

4) Inks
The most important ink will be your Ink of the Sea then Ethereal and next Celestial. Make sure you have a good supply of those. Others you want are a few Shimmering, Lion, Jadefire and Midnight.

Now you should have all the supplies you need to start things. As for me I haven't discovered all the glyphs yet so unlike my hubby I probably put up about 50 glyphs to his 190 glyphs per day. I don't make all of them because some are very low in price. There are 123 glyphs to be discovered/or obtained from the books of glyph mastery so unless you have a ton of gold it will take a while to have them all. The prices of the books has dropped significantly so perhaps invest in one per day when your glyphs sales are stable.

Next time I'll provide some information about the AH about listing your glyphs and maximizing your profit and time.

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  1. Thanks for this simple explanation. I am considering launching an inscription profession on a new toon, but am completely uninformed. Until now. :) Looking forward to the next part.