Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing on PVP Server

Playing on a pvp server certainly does haveAdd Image its challenges and I am not immune to the relentless ganking that occurs. Of course, as a member of the Alliance we always feel the Horde are evil and start all the fights. Perhaps I feel that way because personally I don't or I guess I should say rarely gank.

As an avid farmer, I usually give up nodes if horde are around since my pvp skills are lacking to say the least. My guildies always joke with me that I always carry swiftness potions and frankly there may be some truth to that:) Since, I'm fairly certain I can't beat the horde, getting out of combat has become somewhat of a game for me.

Mirror image, blink, invisi will often do the trick. I love to be on top of mountain in Storm Peaks where I can throw myself off and slow fall.

I must admit though, especially when leveling up, Swiftness Potions were my best friend and got me out of many a difficult situation. No need to ever tell me twice in a raid "its a wipe" I'm half way to the door by then hehehe.

The most important thing I've learned playing on a PVP server is to not let my opponent disstroy my love of the game. If I'm camped I'll either call for help from guildies or log for a bit. The game is always there and the gankers aren't going anywhere. May as well make the best of it.

Pull Up a Chair

As a mother who plays warcraft, I certainly have stories to share about my adventures and those of my family. Let me first introduce myself; I'm Cathy and my toon is an 80 mage named Justamom on the Bleeding Hollow Server. My daughter is an epic 80 druid healer who loves to pvp and my husband a dwarf hunter who enjoys both pvp and pve.

We are part of a family first guild and consider ourselves casual raiders. We have been playing for over 2 years and have made some great relationships.

My main interest in the game aside from the social aspect is PVE and coming up with fun ways to make gold. I'm an AH veteran who loves to farm and bring home the bacon:) Its very convenient to have 3 accounts with different professions not only for making gold but to help each other.

I look forward to sharing my stories and that of my family.

That being said, pull up a chair at my mage table...always room for one more!